Microlearning : Social Media for your Salon Company

Social Media for your Salon Company
featuring Summit Salon Consultant Gavin Salsbery .



  • Social Media Assistant Director
    • You design a position to help yourself. We use our Summit Salon Business Center template and build it up with compensation and goals. The reason we do this is because spreading yourself thin to do everything can end up hurting your business more than it helps. Hire talent who is willing to put in 100%  so that you aren’t doing everything at 5%.

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  • 1/3 of AD budget dedicated to boosting.
    • You really need to be intentional with your budget. Like most Summit Salons we have the welcome packets, interior signage. I have to keep at least 1/3 of my overall budget to pour back into social media.



  • Track Organic Reach
    • Look at the organic reach and find the outliers. When you see you have a post that gets a high organic reach more than your average – THAT is the post that you want to boost.
  • Create Audiences to Target
    • Create different audiences so that you can target the post to specific people.
    • Build the audiences in advance so that when a post does really well, you have a variety of options already there to choose from – to get the most out of your advertising budget.

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