Social Media Resistance

Staff Resistance to Social Media


Does your team have resistance when it comes to social media?

Would you like them to be posting more content – but something just keeps holding them back from doing it?


Here are the TOP FIVE resistance points with salon social media.


  1. The Device

There’s a group that just started with your company and this is their first job and they have no money and are using a really cheap phone that they found on the street or that someone gave to them and they’re just happy to have a working phone! But it doesn’t always have the same capability, or camera quality that someone who has a newer model would have.

There’s another group that is simply scared of updated devices and are still using a flip phone. They’re scared to learn the new technology and so they are resisting it and staying in their comfort zone – without realizing the opportunity that is ahead of them if they could upgrade.


  1. APP’s

There’s a group of people that don’t spend the time setting up their phone or downloading any APP’s to their phone – and so they deem it too complicated and don’t bother.


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  1. Afraid of “No”

Some service providers will have the technology, the knowledge AND the skill – but are completely paralyzed by the fear of rejection. “What if I ask my client to do a photoshoot… and they say ‘no’?” This fear keeps them stuck because they’re not able to build up enough content to post consistently and build a following.


  1. Ugly photos

Another group will be able to do ALL of the above and they feel super proud and then they go back through their photos and they hate every single one. They don’t understand how the hair design and color could look so beautiful in real life and so horrible on their phone. This discourages them and makes them pull back. They are missing the importance of lighting, posing and backdrop.


  1. No Likes

Another group will be so excited to finally have a great photo, they’ll post it and then… they get discouraged when no one likes it. Which leads to them thinking, it doesn’t matter anyway.


The FIRST STEP to building a better salon social media presence is with helping your team identify what is getting them stuck. Once you know, you can then equip them with the skills to overcome it and make it to that next level.


These Top Five Resistance Points are taken directly from:
SOCIAL MEDIA: Best Practices for growing your salon’s social media presence.
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Social Media


What do you think stops your team from posting?



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