Social Media: It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

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Social Media Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

By, Summit Salon Consultant, Chad Fass


Social Media doesn’t have to be perfect but it DOES have to be personal!

Social media is now a foundational part of your marketing.
Due to the high impressions and low cost, it is perfect for our industry.

As you may know, we recommend a very frugal budget for advertising. We recommend that you stay within 1% of your GROSS SALES to keep your budget in balance.

Now more than ever it is very essential that your salon and personal brand are constantly on social media. But, sometimes we hold back from posting images or specials because they might not meet our expectations.



1 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  • Your hair imperfections are not your viewers imperfections. Keep that in mind when you start to nit pick your AFTER photo.

2 You Don’t Have to be a Wordsmith

  • If you stress out about verbiage- DON’T! A very very brief description of your inspiration will do. Remember – if you don’t like to read long posts, your guests probably don’t either.

3 Keep it Personal and Have Fun

  • Grow your newsfeed with personal touches. For example, selfies with your favorite guests and GIFS of your favorite products. It will show that you have a passion for what you do. It’s not only about the hair, but the total experience you’re providing behind the chair.

4 Copy and Paste your Favorite Verbiage

  • Work smarter, not harder!! Copy and pasting is your new favorite tool. Saving a couple of your new favorite scripts in the “Notes” section of your phone, will help you with direct messaging new viewers and followers. This way you won’t stress out about verbiage when you need to send a future guest a message.

5 Practice Makes Perfect

  • Michael Cole says, “Comfort is the enemy of achievement.” Post post post!! In our industry we LEARN BY DOING! When we hold back from posting because of fear- comfort wins. The opinions and judgements from others are NONE OF OUR BUSINESS — do you remember your first balayage? The same principles of practice makes perfect come into play with Social Media too.




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