Smart Scheduling in your Salon Company

Featuring, Summit Salon Consultant Jessica Luppold Galoff

Smart Scheduling creates flexibility.

It is attractive and is what Millennial’s want because it creates freedom! It also helps you, as an owner, increase the productivity in your company while enhancing the guest experience.

So how do you get started?

Here are our top 3 tips!

  1. Dream Shift
    • Include your team! Show them the potential shifts and ask them what their dream schedule would look like. Once you get back all of the information, you can start putting this together.
    • Helps to create excitement about the transition!
  2. Don’t Forget Weekends!
    • A lot of times salon companies will roll this out and forget about the weekends. Smart scheduling works great for Saturday and Sunday too because then your seasoned stylists can work earlier to take the rest of the day off with their family while your newer stylists who might enjoy going out on the weekends, can come in later and serve the younger clientele with later availability.
  3. Allow time to re-book into the new schedule
    • Keep in mind that it’s going to take time to re-book guests into everyone’s new schedule.
    • Get guests excited with signs, verbiage and excitement around all of the new opportunities!

Reach out to your consultant to learn more about this opportunity! If you do not have a consultant, please enjoy a complimentary one hour strategy session!

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