The Secret to Building a Clientele

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Are you or your salon staff struggling with getting new clients and building referrals? One strategy is to DEFINE the ideal client and then target your marketing efforts accordingly. Be INTENTIONAL and SPECIFIC! Yes, sitting down and defining your ideal client takes time, however it is easier – and often more successful – than simply handing out cards.

Don’t just give away discounts- have a targeted strategy.

To get started, call a salon meeting about getting referrals on purpose. Start the exercise by having each service provider close their eyes and imagine who they would like to see sitting in their chair one year from now. Is it a college student? A career woman? A professional athlete? Whoever the ideal guest is, the service provider should aim to provide fantastic hair, an up-to-date style and excellent after-care.

Take the ideal guest profile to use as a compass outside of the salon. For example, if the ideal guest is a career woman in her mid- to late forties and she drives a BMW, then go to the BMW dealership and offer incentives to the person at service counter where the ideal guest checks in and out all day long. A possible incentive could be a $200 gift card included with the purchase or lease of any BMW at that dealership. This way you are driving your target market directly to your salon company.

A massage therapist might want to build a prenatal massage business, in which case the nurse at the OBGYN warrants a visit. The massage therapist could offer chair massages on Friday afternoons when the clinic closes early. This serves to familiarize the community with your salon or spa and the services offered.

These marketing outreach efforts are often best on a day when the service provider will be at work so they will be looking their professional best. One hour a week for 4-6 weeks is a good commitment. Soon “the ideal guest” will grow into an entire clientele of all ideal guests!

Here is a sample of a worksheet you might use to figure out your ideal guest:

IDEAL GUEST PROFILE – What is their image?

What does he/she wear?

Where would he/she shop for clothes?

What does he/she drive?

Where would they buy groceries?

What would they do for fun?

Do they work out? If so, where would they work out?

Do they have kids? If so, where do they go to school? What sports do the kids play?

What clubs would they belong to?

Do they use social networks? Which ones?

What type of phone do they use?

Where will you to solicit these people start first? Make a list of possible venues where you can offer incentives.

You can also apply this exercise to determine groups of people such as: athletes, pregnant moms, retirees, students, etc.

Now it’s YOUR turn. What are YOUR secrets to building a clientele?


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