Tips for Retention and Retail!

By, Michael Nikolas

Retention is what every Salon Company is working towards,


When retention is high, owners advertise/market less, culture is stronger and business grows stronger.

The greatest barrier to retention with service providers is a lack of guest experience and not exceeding their guests expectations.  Being consistent is key to higher product sales. It come off disingenuous when someone goes above and beyond explaining and choosing products for a guest one visit and then the next visit they don’t speak the same consistent language. It is important to always speak the same language, with the same enthusiasm when it comes to products each and every time. This way, you begin to start to build trust with your guest.

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Usually when a stylist has high product sales and high retention they usually also have an outstanding “Trust Factor” with their guest.  This is generated through Michael Coles Power Wheel as the Five segments are vital for gaining this trust:

Over the Top! Best Client Practices of Top 20 Stylists. Lesson 3 Exercise. Power Wheel Planning

1. Bonding

Always smile, Be mindful of the words you choose, Put sincere meaning behind those words, watch how you look and Act.

2. Consultation

Listen,paraphrase and make professional suggestions, service and products.

3. Servicing

Balance your conversations between why they came to you in the first place (the service) along with making it personal about them.  Explaining to them the products they will need to maintain and achieve look at home, talk about future appointments to keep up on look.

4. Finishing 

This is where you close the deal on Retail, (These are the products I have chosen for you today to use at home)  Make sure they are aware of your referral program, Welcome package) Setting up their next appointment.

5. Evolving

Check in with guest after appointment in a few days to make sure they are loving their service, Send a thank you, send a thank you email, call them to say thank you.   Track your day, know your average ticket, know the services and product they purchased,.

When a Service Providers has total “Trust” with their guest and are consistent, not only will they purchase products from them, they will re-book with them and they will send Referrals to them a well.

Be a SWAN!
Calm, confident and graceful on the TOP of the water, while underneath, their feet are going a mile a minute. Remember it is alright to be nervous on the inside and to doubt yourself. These too shall pass.

Remember, no is a beautiful word! Eventually… when you are consistent, you will get a YES as long as you are sincere with your suggestions.

Over the Top

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What do you think? How do you build trust with your team?



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