Retail: How to Handle “No”

Making a great retail offer to our guests can feel intimidating. Hearing them say “No” to our offer can be downright discouraging. We can feel embarrassed, like a total dork, and completely awkward. These awkward feelings can tend to impact us in a way that we decide to stop making offers to our guests to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Research shows that as a toddler, we hear the word “No” up to twelve times more than we hear our own name. And not only are we hearing the word – but it is usually said to us with a lot of emotion and intensity. No oftentimes means danger or that we are in trouble or doing something we’re not supposed to be doing.

It is no wonder that because of this universal experience, we all fear hearing that word – and avoid it at all costs.

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What we know at Summit Salon Business Center, is that scripts really help us build up our confidence and know how to react in moment when our emotions might be getting triggered.

And while “No” is just a two letter word – if we don’t have a script ready to respond to this situation, we could jeopardize experiencing massive growth in our income and careers.

So, how do we neutralize our emotional response to “No”?
We can respond with another two letter word, “Ok!” and even better is, “Ok! Not today, it’s always right here when you come back!”

Showing this level of confidence will help to build trust with your guest and shows that you understand that “No” doesn’t mean never, it just means not right now.

To learn more about why your clients might be saying, “No” to your offers – check out Conquering Retailphobia. In this product you’ll dive deep with Kristi Valenzuela and Michael Cole into buyer personality types, how to craft BETTER offers for your guests and how to troubleshoot why your offers aren’t working.

Conquering Retailphobia

What do you think? How to neutralize “No”?





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