Tips to Gain Referrals through the Front Desk

Featuring, Jules Molina

Let’s talk about REFERRALS!

We have a love and hate relationship with referrals and this is the thing – YOUR FRONT DESK CAN BRING IN REFERRALS.

Often times salon owners will say to me – “It’s just not attainable for the Front Desk to bring in referrals, they can’t do it.”

Instead of thinking they CAN’T – let’s find out how they can.

What we need to do is lock and load them up with knowledge!
We need to teach them:
WHAT a referral is,
to ask for one.

From that point on, stand in the opportunity and possibility of them!

You have EVERYTHING to gain by empowering them to feel confident in doing this, the least we can do is set them up for success.


So where can you start? Here’s Julie’s tip for bringing in referrals with your front desk:

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Social Media Campaign for the Front Desk Team:

  • 6 week contest
  • Whoever brings in referrals using social media – wins a prize!

Let your Front Desk Guest Experts know that you’re going to be having a referral competition. Ask them to SHARE your salon’s social media content on their own social media pages. Then, give them a script to direct message to anyone who likes or hearts those posts. It’s that simple.

Here’s Jules’ favorite script:

“Hello, I noticed that you liked one of the pictures I posted, if you’re ever looking to try a new look and receive an exceptional guest experience, I would love the opportunity to introduce you to one of our amazing services providers! I’ve attached a SPECIAL OFFER just for you! Please feel free to message me back, or better yet- call! Thank you!”


What do you think? How do you motivate your front desk experts to bring in referrals?


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