Throw away the word “RECEPTIONIST” forever!



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By Kristi Valenzuela

Summit Salon Business Centers very own Director of the Product Division, Kristi Valenzuela, has started an incredible series on FB Live every MONDAY! This series is all about “HOW TO BE YOUR BEST AT YOUR FRONT DESK!” To launch this series, we’ve devoted this weeks Summit Salon Minute to her very first episode.

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I already know what some of you are thinking… BUT KRISTI- THIS IS CRAZY! Why in the world would we want to throw away the word “RECEPTIONIST” forever?!

But please do me a favor!


We need titles with MEANING!

The reason why you’re struggling with hiring for your front desk- is because you’re telling them that they will be a receptionist. Do you know what a receptionist does? They answer the phone, they take money and they smile at people.


We want our front desk team to:
Open the Sale
Close the Sale
Stock & Clean the Shelves
Support the Service Providers

If we’re going to show up every day- let’s use words that are POWERFUL. Because powerful words- presented perfectly will help you PROSPER AND PROFIT. Because it will change the mind of the owner of the title.

So what titles should you use instead? Here are two:

Guest Service Expert/ Guest Experience Expert


It means that they are an expert in GUEST care. This means every single area that the guest goes- from the products that they touch in the retail area, to the tour, to the new guest package, to the check out. They specialize in GUEST care!


It means that they are an expert in the SERVICES. They are knowledgeable about all of the different services offered and which service provider does what. This way they can hold INTELLIGENT service conversations while booking appointments and answering questions.


What does expert mean to you? Specialist? Someone at the top of their game? Someone who has been through extensive training? YES! It means all of those things.


Now, these titles come with RESPONSIBILITY.
Salon owners and managers! If we give people this title, we will need to follow through with training them to become experts in these areas! Along with training, we need to make sure that our team LOOKS the part as well. One way to accomplish this is with name tags! Something simple and magnetic with their first name!

How do you get this rolling?

Give this a birthday with a celebration in a Front Desk Meeting! Go through the titles, what the intention is with the name change and how you’re all going to work together to become and act like experts!

So what do YOU think? Would you be willing to STOP hiring RECEPTIONISTS and START hiring EXPERTS?


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