Creating a prescriptive experience in YOUR spa!



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Creating a prescriptive experience in your spa!

By, Spa Specialist Consultant, Victoria Perry

I was inspired to talk about this subject this week when I opened my email and noticed that I had an email from a big retailer claiming that they were the SKIN EXPERTS with an offer for a buy two get one free on skin care products.

I started thinking about this because I work in the treatment room every week – like a lot of you do- and I know what it is like. And, to be honest, I know that a lot of skin care professionals are not as straightforward about being experts or making offerings as THIS EMAIL WAS!


#1 Identify your Guests Concerns

This happens in two ways.

The initial phone call confirming the reservation. For example, “Tonya, did you have any additional skin conditions or concerns that we can address during your appointment today?”

The visit. So when they come in for their service, are we doing a proper consultation? Are we analyzing their body – skin and nails? Doing this ensures that we are giving them the service which benefits them the most!

#2 Create a Solution

What is their treatment for today? And what is that skin care, body care, home care regiment going to be that is going to help them get the results that they are looking for?

#3 Execute Results

It takes 3-4 treatments, when you’re trying to give a result for a skin condition. It does not happen overniht. The guest will touch their skin 60x more than you did in that treatment. How are we setting up their home care to get the best results from the treatment that you just provided? And how do we set up their future treatments and reserve those appointments for the next 3-4 visits.


What do you think?

How do you show your clients that you offer the BEST in skin care products and services?


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