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Featuring, Julie Molina

by, Sara Ren Altizer

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In analyzing purchasing behavior among consumers in salons, statistics show that the probability of purchasing one product increases depending on the amount of products recommended (especially when placed on the counter at the front desk at check out.)

  • One product recommended, probability of purchase: 50%
  • Two products recommended, probability of purchase: 75%
  • Three products recommended, probability of purchase: 90%
  • 4+ products recommended: Decreases back down to 50% probability to purchase

The Team lead of the front desk division, Julie Molina, also believes in the power of 3 and offers additional insights into how service providers and salon owners can ensure better success in closing those retail purchases at check out.

The Power of Three to me goes even beyond the probability of purchase. I often tell service providers that when a client purchases one product- that means they somewhat agree with you. When they purchase two it means they trust you, and when they purchase three it means they believe you and you are no longer selling but TELLING and educating them! The 90% probability rate when you recommend three products is PROOF that education and demonstration are different conversations. The moment you demonstrate, they believe.

Some common mistakes that I see service providers making is that they hover at the front desk. This makes it difficult for the front desk team to close the sale. I recommend that teams come up with code words in order to discretely communicate this in front of guests. For example, we will say- “Are we all good here?” And this is the code for: fly birdy fly WE HAVE IT!”

Also, when service providers start writing the recommendations down at the front desk, it disrupts the smooth transition during check out and can lose the sale. We are looking for a flawless transition that encourages the customer to want to say yes to offerings for retail, future reservations and additional services.

Completing service tickets is an ABSOLUTE must. It is the main form of communication from the back of house to the front of house and it is PROVEN to work. As a level 4A stylist, I know that it is busy, hectic and we are often a little behind. But if you want to see results- you have to put in the effort. Make time to fill out the service tickets PRIOR TO CHECK OUT

  • Use processing time.
  • Have your Associate help you.
  • Take one extra moment after mixing color to write it down.

When the front desk knows the product recommendations and exact number of weeks you want to see your guest again- magic can happen!


For a salon owner, accountability is key. I recommend for the front desk to collect the completed service tickets. At your monthly salon meeting, celebrate the team members with the highest percentage of complete service tickets and offer a prize! This is a positive way to motivate and encourage other team members to start getting the same results.

What do YOU think? Do you use the power of three?




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