Tips to Prevent Burnout!

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You serve others, but do you serve you?

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Tons of books are written on personal wellness. There are life coaches and entire industries devoted to helping people maintain more balance in their lives. The truth is, life gets busy. And most days it is hard enough as a business owner or service provider to keep your company moving and keep your business growing, let alone to try to focus any of that attention on yourself!

Personal wellness is a balance of mental, physical, and spiritual health. It is like a three-legged stool, when one of the legs is even a bit short, the stool rocks. When the stool rocks too long or too much to one side, it eventually falls over. When you take care of yourself mentally and physically by feeding your soul, there is not much that can rock you that you aren’t ready to handle.

 The typical barriers are the words we tell ourselves, it’s not ‘if’ I have time to work out, but instead, ‘when’. Not ‘if’ I eat healthy, but, ‘what’ I am going to eat that’s healthy. Begin instilling new, healthy habits by simply changing the conversation in your mind. More importantly though, you have to believe that you are worth it. Once it is a priority, it is easy to make the time.

Let’s face it. Leaders need to be fueled and stable in order to help others grow. The stronger YOU are, the stronger your team and company are going to be.

 Not sure how this can fit into your busy schedule? Below are our top tips for personal wellness on the go.

Set your intention.

Go through your monthly calendar and add the time commitments required to make your intention a reality. Creating a schedule and actually seeing where you are going to work in different activities will help increase your likelihood of following through.

Make a plan to eat healthy.

Have two prep days in your week for making meals that are healthy.

  • Be sure to include proteins for mental stimulation and earth carbs for energy.
  • When on the run, always have healthy “go to” snacks such as fruit and nuts, cut up veggies and hummus, or a protein powder that does not include fillers or too much sugar.

Get quality sleep.

Plan for 7–8 hours of quality sleep per night.

  • Turn off the computer, smart phone, and TV at least an hour before bed.
  • Avoid weighty conversations before bed.
  • Avoid caffeine 4+ hours before bed.
  • Use sleep aids with caution. If you are having trouble sleeping, look at what might be causing the insomnia instead of just going straight for a quick fix.


Work at least 20 minutes of exercise into your routine each day.

Center yourself.

Set aside 5–30 minutes each day for quiet time. Finding a meditation that fits one’s spiritual beliefs is priceless! Begin with just being grateful and sending love to the less fortunate.

Stimulate your mind.

Always have 2+ books going to pick up and read in times of waiting (at the doctor’s office, airport, or while on a plane, train, or subway).

Challenge yourself.

Commit to learning something new each month.

  • Your salon software, Facebook, or Instagram
  • A new service for the salon
  • Your exercise routine
  • Cooking


Eat at least one healthy meal per day that includes greens, protein, and complex carbohydrates.


Drink one liter of water when you get out of bed each morning and another 2–3 liters during the day.


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