Online Reviews and Managing Your Reputation


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Reviews play a big part in your salon marketing- and can feel, essentially, out of your control. Better understanding of the consumer psychology behind the kiss and tell can help you develop smart strategies to regain control of your reviews.

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What This Means

In the age of constant connectedness, we have to accept that every individual has immediate access to an audience through their social media and review websites, such as Yelp. We also have to accept that this is not going away. We are in an age of Data Darwinism in which company’s who master the skill of managing customer reviews will surpass those who do not, winning the technological survival of the fittest.

What Can You Do?

 Research indicates, that direct confrontation in these situations is far too personal and uncomfortable. With the increased use of technology, the days of consumers entering your business and asking to “speak with a manager” are over. What this means is that your company needs to provide your consumers with an outlet to share their opinion.

By providing guests with reviews and surveys at check out, you create a safe environment to see the review and take action. These reviews are still public, yes, but by providing every guest the opportunity to share their experience, you are increasing the likelihood of having more positive reviews. Additionally, when consumers see the survey is directly related to your company, they feel like you care and are more bonded to your brand.

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