What You Need to Know About Unifying Your Salon Team, NOW!

Team Communication

Featuring Summit Salon Certified Front Desk Trainer Julie Molina 

One of the most common communication gaps salon companies experience is between the front desk and the stylists. This miscommunication often results in tension and negative feelings, leaving the front desk team feeling unappreciated and the stylists feeling unsupported and skeptical. Ultimately, salon owners become frustrated and confused, without a clue as to how to solve the problem. Sound familiar? 

Now there’s help! Summit Salon Business Center is dedicated to bridging this gap. Certified Front Desk Trainer Julie Molina discusses why it is vital to unify your team.

Top Three Front Desk Communication Pitfalls:

  1. Front desk team NOT KNOWING the products and services 100%, which prevents them from making intelligent offerings.
  2. Service providers failing to write COMPLETE tickets, which results in UNDERCHARGING guests at the front desk.
  3. A lack of TRUST in the front desk team, which leads to service providers crowding and hovering over the front desk guest expert when a guest is checking out.

Julie’s Top Seven Tips for Improving Stylist-Front Desk Communication

1. Salon Meetings

  • Share the front desk method with the entire salon company.
  • Celebrate the success of your front desk guest experts.
  • Invite front desk guest experts to speak at your saln company meetings, allowing them to share what they are noticing with guests and what service providers are doing to get the best results. Example: Whenever Natalie places all retail offerings on the counter, her guests always buy at least one item.

2. Education Events

  • Include front desk guest experts in product knowledge classes. The more they know about the products that are offered, the better they will be able to assist in closing sales for the stylists.
  • Brief the front desk guest experts on new trends and techniques and communicate the correct timings. This helps with speaking intelligently to clients on the phone and making sure that the service providers have enough time to properly service their guests.

3. Express Gratitude and Appreciation

  • If you are a service provider and you notice that the front desk guest expert did an exceptional job of handling your client or closing your retail offering, make sure you are going out of your way to acknowledge what they have done.

4. Build Trust

  • As service providers, we need to TRUST that our front desk guest experts will do an exceptional job of booking our next reservations with our guest.

5. Keep Team Communication Logs

  • Writing it down helps keep everyone on the same page.
  • Taking detailed notes helps ensure everything is completed.
  • If a service provider has a question or needs something done and the front desk guest expert is busy serving a guest, they can write it down in the communication log and rest assured that it will be take care of as soon as possible.

6. Live the Experience

  • Invite your front desk guest experts to experience the services the salon offers. Not only will it begin to build a bond between the front desk and service providers, but it also gives the front desk guest experts the knowledge and verbiage necessary to communicate effectively when booking appointments with guests.

7. Post the Stats

  • Show the entire salon company what the front desk guest expert team does daily. Once service providers understand that the front desk experts do more than just answer phones, they will see each other as EQUALS.
  • Include our tracking sheets: daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Post record of new client tours and end of the day settlement print off.
  • List nightly tasks of cleaning: beverage bar, etc.

Interested in taking your front desk or service provider team to the next level? Call 1.800.718.5949 to get connected with a Summit Salon Certified Front Desk Trainer! We always begin with a friendly phone conversation to help you choose the right workshop for your team and the perfect certified trainer for your event.


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