Myths of Rebooking Spa Services

Myths of Rebooking Spa Services

How to create a prescriptive spa experience focused on the guest!

Featuring Spa Specialty Consultant, Emily Richardson

A lot of times spa providers feel that spa guests don’t rebook their next appointment.  This type of thinking typically comes from believing one or all of the TOP THREE SPA GUEST MYTHS:

  • Spa guests are not loyal!
    • If they’re using a gift card then that means they wouldn’t purchase the service for themselves.
  • Spa guests see spa services as a LUXURY .
    • Spa services are only something that they do to pamper themselves, not to care for themselves. It is a luxury not a requirement.
  • My main purpose is to RELAX my guest and pamper them.
    • I’m here to pamper my guest and make them feel relaxed – not try to sell them things or stress them out with options. Having a true consultation and talking to them about what their skincare/nail care goals are will only stress them out.

When spa providers believe one or all of these myths – while the intention is to care for their guest – the opposite ends up happening.

If you’re looking to increase your rebooking percentage – you must create a prescriptive experience.

  • Diagnose / discover what issues your clients are having
    • Sore shoulders / lower back from working at a desk all day
    • Acne
    • Unwanted facial hair
    • Wrinkles
  • Create a goal for them
    • To be pain free
    • Have gorgeous skin
    • Look younger, feel younger
  • Prescribe the plan that will help them reach their goal
    • How many sessions will it take to reach their goal?
    • How often should they be seeing you?
    • What at home products will help them with the process?

If you can get your rebooks up to 50%, the beautiful thing is that a spa provider is no longer thinking about money and are instead focused solely on the guest experience which results in increased retention.

A big part of this process is tracking. If you don’t know where you are currently – it’s hard to understand what you need to do next. But if you know that you’re at 20% rebooks and you want to be at 50% then you can put the action steps in place to reach your goal. The BEST way to track and plan your services are with the Social Digital Planner.

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