Salon Social Media: Ideas to Motivate your Team!

by, Tim Fisk

Today I want to talk to you about how to roll out a robust social media plan for your salon company.

Let’s start with a story, I have a service provider who is super successful and awesome at social media. She created this great post of some beautiful hair that she had done with a guest and there was a full comment stream – an engagement dream! The featured guest was expressing how happy she was with her look and it was going great. As I scrolled lower though I discovered a guest that had been into the salon that day who had NOT received a photoshoot or post of their look and they were sharing how disappointed they were to not have the chance to be featured.

So, if you’re thinking that social media doesn’t matter. It does! And the reality is that guests are choosing what stylist they want to see depending on that photoshoot experience in the chair.

If you’re a busy owner like me, you’re super busy and you’re always struggling with getting your staff engaged to post on social media and how to manage the content on your own sites! The pain comes when we go through these hills and valleys and we start to get frustrated and even give up on making a consistent brand for ourselves on social media.

How do we actually solve this problem?

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A great way to get your team motivated is to run an in-salon contest!

Social Media Engagement Contest.

  • You might be familiar with a retail or add on content with your team. Why don’t you think about having a social media engagement contest? Where you take a month or two and you encourage your team to post as much as they want on their professional social media pages and you tally up the engagement – whether that’s likes or views- and see who gets the most engagement! Then you will give out prizes for whoever does the best.

We have to start embedding this in our salon culture so that we, as owners, have raw material to work with at the end of the day. It’s really important to be using their work from their point of view, but doing it in a way that stays on brand for us.

What if you could:

  • Be clear on your brand
  • Develop a social media culture with your team
  • Have solid systems that can allow you to get your social media in a few hours for the week

This is how.

Our Social Media Owners Module where you can work one on one with a Summit Social Media Division Coach to develop these systems in your own company. We will teach you how to mine the content that your team is creating, and how to do it in a seamless and super easy way so that you can schedule this ahead of time.

IF you don’t think that your team is posting enough, this is still for you! We can set up a meeting within that day with your staff to get them super excited and launch the contest that we’re talking about!

To get started, schedule your social media strategy session with us – it’s completely free!

And let’s keep in touch, IG: @timfiskis , FB: Tim Fisk

What do you think? Can you imagine approaching your salon’s social media with strategy?


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