Momentum vs. Going Through the Motions

Are you and your team simply going through the motions? Or are you focused on building momentum in your salon/spa company and with your service providers?

The difference is creating MILESTONES, one of the FIVE M’s of Momentum.
Milestones help you recognize the difference between BUSY and momentum. Between going through the motions and creating a growing force to propel you forward to the next phase of your business.

What is a Milestone? A Milestone is an outcome that you previously haven’t achieved.

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If you do the first 2 M’s correctly, with building Motivation and surrounding yourself with Mentors – setting Milestones is a continuation of this process.

These milestones are the cause and effect relationship of what you’re passionate about and what your purpose is.

Then we’re aligning all of our resources, our marketing, mentoring, technology, everything is reaching towards these milestones.

The best part is that once you know the milestones, you can create mile markers along the way to hit those milestones and hit those goals.

Two Examples of Milestones:

  • “Best evers!”
    • Celebrate weekly “best evers” with your entire team to get them excited about reaching their next goal and bettering their best.
  • Level Jumping
    • When the service provider achieves a promotion and earns an increase in commission rate and a price increase.

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Magic of Momentum

What do you think? What Milestones have you set within your salon company?


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