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By, Kristi Valenzuela

The Mission of the Front Desk is to support and grow the salon business and the service providers business by offering opportunities to the guest.

Salon Business

In salon business we need to be there to follow through with the scripts, the phone greeting, how we greet and tour guests, how we give the welcome gift. You see, our mission is to assist the salon business in the structure that the salon business has in place!

With the guest in mind. What we need to do is offer more opportunities to the guest.

IF WE FOLLOW OUR MISSION. Not only are we following our scripts that we’re supposed to follow, but we’re offering more and trying to grow SERVICE SALES – in  a beautiful way that is not salesy or weird to anybody. Because we don’t want to turn clients off.


I call in for a cut & color.
If the Front Desk Expert says, “Great, we have an availability with Jennifer next week at 2 o’clock. Now, Kristi I can put you down for your cut and color, but many of our guests enjoy having their eyebrows shaped at the same time. Is that something you would like to do when you come in?”
*Pause* (The power is in the pause. Let the guest think about it!)

Or what if you simply added a question at the end?
“What else can we do for you when you come in?”

We are elevating guest care and increasing salon business.

Service Provider Business

Let’s go back now. We need to SUPPORT and GROW the salon business and the SERVICE PROVIDER BUSINESS because here is the truth. Someone can come in and have an amazing hair or service experience with their service provider– it can be FIVE STARS– but if the wheels come off at the front desk and somebody gets weird at the front desk. We’re risking that guest not coming back.


What if I’m checking in for my haircut and color and you see that the nail technician has availability.
What if the Front Desk Expert says, “Hey Kristi, I know you’re here to see Jennifer for your hair today but we had an amazing opportunity just open up with our nail technician. Would you like to have your nails done as well?”

Isn’t that beautiful?


The front desk supports and grows the salon business and the service provider business by simply using scripts.

And when they use their scripts and they get to a yes — then they get to their goals.

What do you think?
What is your front desks current mission statement and how could it be better?



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