MICROLEARNING: Social Media- Guest Influencers, Photoshoots & Devices




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Guest Influencers, Photoshoots & Devices

Microlearning brought to you by Michael Cole
Featuring, Salon Owner Alison Rodriguez-Jones

Identifying which of your clients is a GUEST INFLUENCER on Social Media is a big piece in turning “LIKES” into REFERRALS!

Alison not only shares how to identify a guest influencer she explains how to ROCK THEIR EXPERIENCE!

When you can find the super star guest and amp up their experience – you are guaranteed a spotlight in front of their large and loyal online following.



Ashley is THAT guest that, on the way to her hair appointment she is posting pictures and saying, “On my way to my hair appointment!! So excited to see Alison!”

THEN, during the appointment she is Snapchatting and saying, “Look! I’m with Alison and her Associates!!”

Then when she is almost done she is posting saying, “I can’t wait to see what my hair looks like!!”

Then afterwards, I take a picture of her and she posts it.

In my mind, that is the perfect guest influencer. She has a lot of followers on Facebook and Instagram – approximately 2,000 friends/followers. This is the person that you want to be thinking about when you are thinking about taking photo shoots and sharing the pictures with him/her.




The Set Up

Before her appointment, the day before, we were texting talking about what we were going to be doing with her hair. I said, “Bring a couple of coats, I want to do a content shoot with you. I’d love to do a couple different looks with you! Are you okay with that?” and she said that she was down!

So she did, she brought a couple of different coats with her and we did a photo shoot. We took 46 pictures and I air dropped them to her right after her appointment.

By the time she was home, she had uploaded ALL of the photos to Facebook and her profile picture on Facebook and Instagram was ALREADY CHANGED.

The Follow Up

We not only had to follow up on all of the likes and comments on the album she created, but the comments on each individual photo AND on her actual profile picture! I made sure to comment at the top and say, “It looks so beautiful! I had so much fun on your photo shoot today!” From this one guest I received messages almost immediately inquiring about appointments and about doing photo shoots.

The Full Experience

I took her regular balayage and one “after picture” appointment – to a full makeover, full makeup, photo shoot appointment.

I want to say, MAKE UP IS IMPORTANT TO THE EXPERIENCE! Just because you may not feel confident as a make up artist, you 100% know more about make up than your guest, because you are in the industry. Doing their make up not only makes your photos come out better- but it makes your guest FEEL MORE CONFIDENT. When they feel super confident and love the photos they are more likely to change their profile photo to your photo, to upload the full album, to #tbt to your pics regularly!

The FULL photo shoot experience is key in getting the follow through and ultimately the exposure that you’re looking for with your guest influencers.




We are in this industry where you HAVE to stay on top of technology! You can’t hang out at a 6, or a 6s or a 7. You HAVE to get those upgrades and have to get those new phones! Why?? THE CAMERA!

The 8+ iPhone has taken my pictures to the next level. They look like photo shoot pictures.

One of my stylists, who has been with us since before the Summit Salon Systems. She has been taking pictures and, I’ll be honest, they were OKAY… they were average. And they would slowly improve but I honestly thought that she just maybe wasn’t a great photographer, like didn’t have the eye for it. Well, when she upgraded her device I was BLOWN AWAY. They are incredible now. The new device took her from OKAY to AMAZING!



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