Microlearning: Social Media as a Tool for Real Life Connection

Insights by Summit Stylist, Christine Leist who was featured on Michale Cole’s Facebook Live series on Thursday nights.  Follow @michaelcolesummit to watch them LIVE!

Social Media is great – especially when we use it develop DEEP and MEANINGFUL connections in REAL LIFE!

Christine Leist shares her techniques for using social media as a tool to connect more thoughtfully, be memorable and deliver excellent customer service to the clients she serves.

Triple Post = Triple Win

It’s all about getting your image and work out in the most social media channels as possible!

When I post an image, I make sure my salon posts it as well. And I also make sure to ask my clients what their social media handles are and how I can send it to them, tag them and get it in their hands! So I have 8k followers, the salon has 6k followers and then my client has 1k followers – so you’ve now been able to reach almost 10k MORE people than you would have just by posting on your own page!

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Be Memorable

Every stylist out there on Instagram can do balayage and post beautiful work! EVERYBODY does balayage – it doesn’t make me special! I have people who want to drive 3 hours to see me because I make the photoshoot so much fun! I take their picture and I make them feel like an absolute star!! That’s what makes them want to come back to ME! I make the lighting perfect, and use a fancy camera and then post their photo with a fun caption!

Personality Focused

When your guest is in your chair and they’re paying you – THEY ARE YOUR BOSS! You need to make sure that they are attended to, happy and having a good time. Instagram isn’t an x = y + z, it is connecting with guests! I follow my guests back and comment on their photos and try to keep up with their lives. Then they tell their friends about me, that’s my business card distribution! It’s them believe in me, as a person, and wanting to send their friends to have a good time with me!

I see so many stylists get these clients on Instagram and the client sits down and the stylist is like, “Okay great, I’ll go mix your color – bye!” ANYONE can do that. Guests come back for YOU.

Final Thoughts

Don’t settle, don’t be average!
There is no equation, there is no right or wrong. It’s not some equation that someone has to figure out. It is just being who you are! Being authentic, don’t force it, let it happen!  But, partner that with a WORK ETHIC that is so baller and so crazy that people notice and want to come see you!

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