MICROLEARNING: Social Media to Increase Average Ticket


Each different level within the Summit Salon Systems have different goals and strategies for Social Media.

Level 1-3: Utilize Social Media to BUILD and GROW their clientele and referrals.

Level 4-4AA: Social Media strategy is to increase their average ticket or introduce different add-ons to their existing clients. This focus is more on bringing the kind of client that wants the FULL LOOK and HIGH TICKET.

To do this you need the right VERBIAGE. ATTENTION TO DETAIL. and TOOLS.

Kiersten Motz is a Level 4A Summit Stylist and during her recent interview on Michael Cole FB Live broadcast on Thursday nights at 8pm – she shared her TOP TIPS for making the most of Instagram.


Verbiage is really important when it comes to the photoshoot experience. Kiersten explains that she let’s her guest know that she’s styling their hair to “go on set.” By using this terminology, her guests are surprised and delighted and feel ultra special that they get to be a part of this experience. Kiersten also explains to them that the focus is on the hair and so they don’t need to worry about anything else.


When you’re a Level 1-3, it is much more necessary for you to post nearly every client and every photograph that you’re able to take of your guests because you are in serious building mode. At a Level 4A, you have the opportunity to be much more picky. Kiersten puts a lot of thought into what hair is going to get photographed and posted on her social media channels. And she fine tunes it down to the last detail.

Ask yourself: Is this look polished? Is this look trending? Is this something that you would want someone sitting in your chair and asking you for?


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Kiersten also recommends looking at the total look. If their clothes are visible – ask yourself if the color of their shirt is translating well with the overall look. If not, simply have them keep the color gown on in order to avoid any weird tones.


Kiersten always brings with her the last tool she used to style their hair.

The truth is that guests are EXCITED to touch their hair! And most times they will start running their hands in it between the styling chair and the photoshoot area. By bringing a comb with you – you can be sure that you get to replace the hair in just the right way before you start taking the photos. This means filling in any gaps and calming fly aways so it is camera ready!


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