Microlearning : Repost, Use Resources, Show Off Higher Education

Featuring Ed Gonzalez, Stylist at Urban Eve
Excerpt from interview with Michael Cole


I make sure that I send my clients photos from their in-salon photoshoot with me so that they will post it on their own social media accounts. This helps me gain access to their audience and usually results in at least 1 referral per guest that posts about me!

I love getting messages from my guests friends to book an appointment with me!


A major thing I’m working on is making sure I’m using my Facebook business page, my Facebook personal page and my Instagram so that I’m reaching a wide variety of people and staying consistently booked.


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I achieved my level 4 promotion through using my social media account to showcase all of the different products that I love! Through doing this consistently I had my clients coming in for their visit and asking me about specific products and if they would work on their exact hair type. It made it really easy for me to be able to get my retail sales up and reach my promotion without having an Associate!


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