MICROLEARNING: The 5 Minute Photoshoot



Service providers have a lot going on and the thought of adding in a “photo shoot” or understanding when there’s going to be time to take 70 before and after pictures for their social media can seem IMPOSSIBLE.

Elizabeth breaks this process down and shares her secret to the 49 minute haircut appointment!

5 minute: photoshoot
5 minute: consultation
3 minute: rebook
3 minute: retail
3 minute: referral
20 minute: haircut and style
10 minute: walking back, hanging up their coat… etc.



A key part of maximizing your time is being able to keep your client on track during the appointment.
Bonding increases loyalty and builds trust between the service provider and client – but let’s face it, they can be SO EXCITED to share a story or experience with you that you end up having to cut out key parts of the appointment that specifically help you grow your business. Elizabeth recommends being very straight forward with your guests.

Here are her scripts for controlling the conversation:

“Hey! I’ve got to mix your color! I want to hear your story, but let’s do that while I’m applying, if that’s okay!”
“That is really exciting!! And I really want to come back to that, but let’s talk about your hair first and then we’ll come back to it!”

Elizabeth explains, “Most of my guests really appreciate this. It makes them feel like I take their time seriously too.”


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Your clients social media pages and friends and followers are a potential referral gold mine for you!

Elizabeth recommends carefully curating the photos that you are going to send to your clients! Go through and select your favorites and then make any image adjustments necessary to have the photo of the hair look like the real life hair!

Because you are controlling what content they are getting – you can rest easy knowing that whatever they tag you in online is a TRUE representation of your quality and workmanship!



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