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By Heather Anderson 

Salon research indicates that retail sales increase loyalty and maximize profits within salon companies. Certified Front Desk Trainer Heather Anderson offers her tips and insight into training your Front Desk Guest Experts so that they are able to close more sales and maximize this opportunity with every guest, every day.

“Retail is one of the major profit centers in a salon,” Heather explains, “So, if it is not brought up during the checkout process, you could be leaving money on the table. Most of the time, clients will not ask about retail even if they are interested. They view the service provider as the professional, so if they do not bring it up to them then the client assumes it is unimportant.”

Heather’s Top 5 Tips for Closing Retail Sales at the Front Desk


1. Practice a Strong Opening

  • Never ask a guest to have a seat in the waiting area- instead, invite them to shop around and highlight a few of your new items and specials. You cannot close a sale that has not been opened. The goal is to engage guests and get them thinking about and interacting with our retail area from the very beginning of their experience.

2. Provide Product Knowledge/Education for your Front Desk Guest Experts

  • This will build confidence, enabling them to sell more. You cannot effectively talk about a product that you know nothing about.

3. Provide a Completed Service Ticket (including retail recommendations)

  • There is nothing worse than leaving it to the Front Desk to guess which products would be best for the guest to use.

4. Build Strong Scripts

  • Mention items that are on sale or new, by asking, “Did you have a chance to check out (product)? or “Did anyone tell you about (sale)?”
  • Other: “Which products would you like to take home with you today?” or “May I help you find the items that (service provider) selected for your hair today?”

5. Be Consistent

  • Without a consistent message and procedure in place, you will not be able to achieve the desired results.

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