Maximize your Downtime


Featuring, Spa Specialist Consultant Victoria Perry

Using your downtime wisely can be a struggle, to say the least. It can even feel downright discouraging when you or your team is working hard to jump to that next level. So how can you make sure that your downtime is setting your future up for success?

Spa Specialist Consultant, Victoria Perry, shares her TOP THREE WAYS to make the most out of downtime. By being proactive, you have the opportunity to continue to grow, increase guest loyalty and sky rocket the salon culture.



We take time to plan out those promotional planners. Highlight services and retail items that we’re going to emphasize for the guest buying experience. Knowing this – we can bring in brand support or use in salon educators to present educational opportunities to your team so that everyone feels 100% comfortable in making those offers to their clients.

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What are key factors and events that we want to focus on?
Is it a happy hour event? Is it a holiday open house? Let’s think of fun, new ways to tie in the holiday season. Most importantly, we need to plan those events 6 weeks in advance. So what does that look like?

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Find the team support. Is it the Front Desk Experts, or Service Providers and Leads on the salon/spa floor?
  3. What are the services/specials in retail that we want to highlight?
    • Remember the top buyer types (from Conquering Retailphobia) and plan your specials around these buyer types!
  4. Plan the event
  5. Work with a local bakery to cater in and cross promote.
  6. Call to Action/Offer.
    • Complimentary shampoo style or make up application


I love to use open time that we have to reach out and  say Thank you to the guests that we haven’t seen in awhile! We all know how it feels to get super busy in the treatment room and super busy behind the chair. And we often forget about the clients that used to come to us regularly who are no longer able to get into our schedule.

Downtime is a great way to be proactive in reaching out to those guests. Sending, “We Miss You!” or “Thank you!” plus a call back offer or special to get them back in. You could even send a personal invitation to the promotional event that you planned!


Hopefully these tips will support you and your team in being more proactive in your downtime, instead of being reactive. So you can go into the holiday season feeling prepared, ready for success and full of gratitude!



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