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These SIX calculators can help you define goals, dreams and every day bills into SERVICE $ GOALS in your salon and spa.


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Summit Calculators

Featuring, Michael Cole

At Summit Salon Business Center, we are always striving to innovate the coaching experience for our salon owners to maximize results with their service providers. These Calculators can take your one on ones to the next level because they make the numbers personal.

If they can dream it, if they can share it with you, if they can be open about their expenses and finances, then they can discover what they need to make PER DAY in SERVICE DOLLARS to pay their bills, afford their next vacation or move to the next level!

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  • “Grow Your Own” salon service providers.
  • Solve your salon recruitment and hiring issues once and for all.
  • Create opportunities for top stylists to become salon leaders and educators in your business.
  • Implement a step-by-step program that takes a brand new stylist to top performance in weeks!

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