How to Build a Relationship with Local Cosmetology Schools


A lot of salon owners are aware of the many cosmetology schools in their area, but they have not yet taken the opportunity to begin to build a relationship with them.

We are here to encourage you to start!

Having a positive relationship with the local beauty schools in your area will help you find great future recruits as well as build your reputation in your community.

How do you get started?


  • Learn about the school
  • Learn about the owner
  • Ask how you can help, see what needs the school has that you could potentially support them with.

It’s really important to focus on building the relationship first and establishing trust. A lot of salon owners might approach a school focused on their OWN needs (“I’m hiring so send people my way!“). When you take the time to build the positive relationship and display that you are there FOR them and the students in the long-term, the opportunities will come.

Get Involved

  • Serve on the advisory board
  • Tutorial on a new color technique
  • Showcase a new up-do trick

Don’t Forget to showcase your business by highlighting the career path that you offer to your stylists. Perhaps offer a career building class! You can also bring along a current or past Associate who can speak to the Associate Program within your company and how the level system sets her/him up for success.

A career path and earning potential is exciting, motivating and inspiring for students as they think about where they are going to go to make their career.

Please consider which schools are in your market – what connections do you need to make and how will you approach those connections? Because we need schools and schools need us!



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