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Featuring, Summit Salon Consultant, Jennifer Boutwell

Do you feel that Millennials are your biggest challenge in leading your company?
Do you feel they are entitled or lazy?

Well the first thing you’re going to do is change your way of thinking! And change the way that you lead these young people! They are no different than we were, or the generation before us, or the generation before them!

Every generation says that the next generation is lazy or entitled and we’re really not- it’s just that we do things a little differently. So, I’m going to give you a couple tips to help you make your company better by leading Millennials.

1. Embrace their skill set!

Millennials come out of the womb knowing how to use social media and computers. Listening to their ideas when it comes to marketing, social media or using technology in your salon company will only serve to make your company better and keep you up to date!

2. Stop trying to make them work 50-60 hours/week

Millennials value work/life balance. Offering a flexible 32 hour work week will allow them to feel free to put their 100% in when they are at work. If you think this makes them lazy- keep in mind that this generation is now accomplishing building a FULL BOOK and earning SIX FIGURES in half the time it took most of us to do it! They work smarter not harder and that is what sets them apart.

3. Give them structure

Millennials like the big picture. They want to see where they are going and HOW to get there! Once they understand that you have their long term well being at heart- they will trust you and display complete loyalty towards your salon company. This is where the Career Path proves useful in letting them see the long term financial opportunity of a career in your company.

What do YOU think?
How do you inspire the Millennials in your salon company?


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