How to Create Custom Promotions

Featuring Jules Molina, a Summit Salon Certified Front Desk Trainer and Level 4A Stylist and Salon Owner.




Strong promotions are CUSTOM promotions. Promotions that someone sees and thinks – that’s EXACTLY what I want and need.

In Conquering Retailphobia you’ll find the 12 different buyer types. Have you ever stopped to think about what “BUYERS” are most common in your salon company?

The majority of the promotions that we plan are focused on the “Specials” Buyer who only likes to take advantage of promotions when they receive a discount or special offer – but there are 11 other types that you can be missing out on!

What does this look like?

For example, at my salon company we have a majority of CONVENIENCE buyers. This means that they are Money Rich/ Time Poor. They like when things make their life easier and save them an extra step. To cater to this Buyer Type we created a special promotion just for them.

Convenience Buyer Verbiage + Promotion


  • Pre-loaded gift cards at different amounts
  • The Convenience Buyer doesn’t want to spend time putting it together, thinking about amounts or waiting for the card to be loaded and set-up. They want to easily and efficiently add it on and get going.

Don’t just throw darts into the dark when it comes to promotions. Focus in on who your buyers are and how you can bring VALUE to them through your promotions!

A great way to get started is to include your Front Desk Sales Team. They have great insight into who your consumers are and why they’re important. When we base it on data and experience VS feelings – it helps to drive sales for the team and the company.

We need to be intentional every day and walk with a path every single day on how to grow our sales.

To learn more about our Buyer Types and to get the most out your Front Desk Team we recommend:



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