BOOST SALES with Holiday Promotions!


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BOOST SALES with Salon Holiday Promotions!

By Summit Salon Consultant for the Nail Deparment, Jill Wilson Vraa

It is NEVER too early to start building your salon holiday promotion calendar!

These promotional ideas can be used by service providers to bring in MORE referrals and meet those level jumping goals- OR as company wide efforts to boost sales and make the most of the holiday season!

The KEY to any great promotion is:

EXPIRATION DATE – expiration dates motivate people to take action.

UNIQUE OFFER –  You want to be able to track HOW well a promotion performed. If all of your offers are the same- it can be confusing in understanding which one worked.

Here are THREE of my favorite Promotions that BOOST sales and bring in Referrals!


Client Gift Bag Drops!

Small gift bags (one’s from the dollar store work perfectly)
Product Sample
Gift Certificate

  • ($20 off mani/pedi valid with Jill only and expires in 4 to 6 weeks)

New Guest Referral Card
Salon Menu
Business Card with Hours written on the back
Candy – everybody likes candy!

A Gift Bag Drop is exactly what it sounds like! Once these gift bags are created, I recommend getting out of the four walls of your salon company and going to PROFESSIONAL businesses in your area! This includes, doctors offices, dental offices, law offices or even a church.

Remember to dress well and look amazing when you go out to drop them off – you ARE making a first impression!
Simply walk into the business with your gift bags and say, “Hi! I’m dropping off some gift bags from my salon, how many do you need?” Or, “How many would you like?”

This approach will show them that you are not selling something or being pushy. You can also ask them to put it in the break room, or put one on everyone’s desk.


FALL Lollipop Promotion

Gift Certificate/ Promotional Offer

Use a hole punch to create two holes for the lollipop stick to slide right through and keep secure.

These are great to give to your guests to give to their friends for referrals.

Also great to hand out the NIGHT OF HALLOWEEN to trick or treaters! How cool would it be for the kids to take this home and the moms to get the treat! And then you’re not having to do a lot of work because they’re already coming right to your front door.


Christmas GIFT CARD Postcard

Need: Postcard


Salon Logo and address in the corner.
Blank address lines for your GUESTS to fill out who they want to send them to!


“One of Santa’s elves at *Your Salon Company* told us that _______ wanted a gift certificate for ______ in their stocking for Christmas.
Stop and fulfill your loved one’s holiday wish.
Happy Holidays,
Santa’s Helper”

After Black Friday or at the beginning of December we started giving these to our guests to fill out.

They would fill it out at the salon and mail it out to the person the guest addressed it to. Once the postcard is received, their wish can be fulfilled by purchasing a gift card!

This boosted our gift card sales significantly!



What do you think? Do you have any great holiday promotions that you do? We want to hear about it!



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