Holiday Games For Your Team!


Featuring Summit Salon Consultant, Robyn Paul!

It’s October which means that our the holiday kits are IN and everybody is excited to get them sold through for the Holiday season! A great way to do this is through creating an incentive for your team. Traditionally, salon owners will set up competitions or rewards that include a buy-in (everyone who sells $500 will be entered to win a weekend getaway) or is a top-seller type competition (the service providers who sell the most – win!).

While these competitions can still work in motivating your team – we wanted to create a fun internal competition where EVERYONE has the chance to win – even if they only sold 10. This helps to get all the levels in your company excited about participating.

The way that we recommend doing this is with the SCRATCH AND SPIFF BOARD!

How do you launch it?

Announce the competition at your team meeting and tell everybody about it! Explain that it’s a game of chances. There are 10 hidden spaces under the scratches and each and every person has a chance to win a prize. Every time that someone sells a holiday kit – they get a scratch! We then plan a party and come together to scratch them off and our team walks out with cash in their hands!SCRATCH AND SPIFF BOARD

iCASH is a 16″ x 21″ cardstock poster featuring 100 scratch-off spaces. Too often in a sales contest the staff determines who the winner is going to be and gives up. Scratch & Spiff keeps the excitement building!



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