How to Hire Better: Top Three RED FLAGS


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How to Spot the Red Flags

By Summit Salon Owner, Marc Roquemore

When you hire the wrong person for your salon company, he or she has almost as much to lose as the salon. What I mean by this is that if the salon hires the wrong person, the salon is, in a sense, standing in the way of that person’s path to abundance! He or she could be working somewhere else where they would likely be more comfortable and more appreciated, have less structure in a less demanding culture, and likely be surrounded by a supporting cast of others who are happy in their mediocrity and earning industry minimums.

Learn how to spot the red flags to clear the way for the best fit, and you’ll be spending your time, money, and energy most wisely…and building a bridge to a prosperous future for your salon!



I always ask if they have visited our salon website. If the answer is “no” I begin to have doubts about the candidate. Not because I’m an ego maniac, but because I feel that in this day and age, it’s reasonable to expect that candidates know something about the company they’re interviewing with!

If they don’t, they’re basically just a walk-in filling out a job application, and likely looking for a “job”, not a “career”. I feel if a candidate is sincerely interested in the position, they should know some background about the salon, its credentials, and have some information about the position for which they’re applying. Just my opinion.


You can agree with me or not, but if someone shows up for an interview at my salon wearing jeans, I automatically assume they know nothing about our salon. I’m a little old-fashioned when it comes to this: I believe you can NEVER overdress for an interview, but you can certainly under-dress. Also, quite honestly, I think that if someone wants to be taken seriously, then they should look the part and dress to impress. There are no exceptions to this rule, and it doesn’t matter if your staff dress code is formal, casual, or in-between.


If not, it could be a sign of things to come. First impressions still mean a great deal, and marginal behaviors, even at the first stage, raise a red flag for me. Trust your perception of those behaviors; often times it’s your intuition telling you to keep looking.

Top subscriber comments:

“I look at their hair, makeup and their speech. I don’t like someone coming into my salon looking like they are looking for a job in a warehouse.”
– Adrian Vasquez

“In my application I specifically give instruction to: ‘Answer these questions on the back of this page.’
If they can not follow instructions, I disqualify.”
– Mary Butcher

“Our salon brand is more casual, so it is less about wearing jeans, but more about the overall ‘look’ of the person when they come in. Are they fashion forward? Are their jeans more streetwear (not good) or dresswear, how does the hair look, etc.”
– Nick Hudson

What do you think? What RED FLAGS are you on the look out for when it comes to interviews?!

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