HIRE BETTER: Your Front Desk





One of the top challenges salon owners have with the front desk is hiring great, qualified people for the front desk. We run into challenges when we aren’t clear on what we’re HIRING TO.

Imagine, your front desk is equal parts: Customer Service & Sales.

When we do both of those beautifully, your customers will never feel sold to.

1) Change the Mindset.

  • Hiring to customer service/sales position.
  • This means we are NOT hiring receptionists. Receptionists are not often sales minded. So we could be hiring incorrectly just based on the job title.
  • My favorite title for the front desk is GUEST SERVICE EXPERT. An expert in customer care and in the services that we do. When we list that title in the ad, we can hire better qualified people.

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2) Get Strategic with your AD

  • “Front Desk Sales Support”
    • We want to thin out the applicants and only attract sales minded people.
    • Here is an example:

Hiring AD

Title:  GUEST SERVICE EXPERT (not Receptionist)



For multi-service salon and spa.  Must enjoy and excel at sales offerings, and have charismatic personality.  Full time position available for career minded person.

This position is responsible for providing a great first and last impression in customer care, offering salon guests additional service opportunities, as well as assisting guests in understanding our products, specials, and company programs, while following all company policies and procedures.

When you follow these steps of having a sales mindset and placing strategic ADs this will help you go leaps and bounds to find more qualified, wonderful, sales willing people at your front desk!


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What do you think? What has helped you hire qualified professionals at YOUR front desk?




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