Tips for a Happier Front Desk Team

By, Tiffany Devereaux

We all know that it’s impossible, at the front desk, to keep everyone we love. We cannot afford to pay them millions of dollars for all of the hard work that we ask out of them. So how are you supposed to increase loyalty or motivate them to do a great job for you?

We have worked with countless salon companies across the country and what we have discovered is that performance based rewards work! When we partner goal setting, tracking and cash rewards – we see better results, and most of all – happier front desk team members.

What this looks like, is:

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Every single week, I am tracking my front desk teams progress.
At the end of the month, I put all of it together and total everyone’s team goal as well as their individual target goals.

Then at our staff meeting and in our private Facebook page I get to announce the total that each team member was able to bring in, in – Referrals, Additional Services, Gift Cards and Packages for that month. Making this announcement is really important because it emphasizes the Triple Win! The Service Providers will see the overall impact that the front desk has on bringing in more money for them and the front desk team feels acknowledged and proud – all of this better serves guests and the salon company as a whole.

For each target that your front desk team member hits, we recommend handing out cash! A good starting point is $15 per goal that they hit!

To learn more of our tips with goal setting, tracking and rewarding, check out our Front Desk Tracking System!
It’s not only a tracking system; it’s a daily PLANNER for your front desk team! The entire front desk team tracks their individual efforts on ONE PAGE each day. Fast, easy, and efficient! Kristi Valenzuela gives a step-by-step video tutorial on exactly how to fill out each area of all three documents.


What do you think? Do you give out cash rewards to your team members?



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