Great Consultations Lead to Great Rewards!

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Is your staff having challenges reaching their add-on, pre-book and retail goals? Slowing down their consultations may make all the difference. A great consultation leads to great rewards!

We know how important the guest’s overall experience is in relation to the retention of that guest. Then why is it that we spend so little time – if any – devoted to the consultation during the appointment?

One of the main reasons a guest doesn’t return is because they feel that the salon didn’t listen, understand, or appreciate the look they wanted. When a stylist fails to re-consult with existing and repeat clients the client begins to feel they may need to go somewhere new to achieve a different or more current look.

Let’s face it: each guest that walks in hopes to see “The Best” the salon has to offer. Of course, they will be expecting great technical skills, but there is so much more to the whole experience.
 So, from a guest’s perspective, what does that experience look like?

Sharmaine’s Top 5 Consultation Tips!

  1. Be Prepared!
    • A picture is worth a thousand words! Social Media has become the modern “look book.” Share your page with clients so they can see the styles, colors and new trends you are comfortable with technically. Additionally, use sites, like Pinterest to build different boards of inspiration.
  2. Communicate your intentions!
    • Explicitly tell the guest that you want to make sure they love their look and can maintain it at home. This shows them that you are invested in their experience and can enhance trust.
  3. Share your educational experiences!
    • Guests comes to your salon for the latest and current trends. Talk about your education, what classes you have attended recently, what industry related videos you have been watching or trends you have been reading about on fashion blogs. These conversations show the guest your passion and prove to them that you ARE on the cutting edge of the industry.
  4. Ask a lot of questions.
    • Some key questions are: “How do you see yourself – sexy? Trendy? Professional? Casual” and “What challenges are you having with your current style?” Determine how much styling time your guest is willing to commit to, and which products they are currently using. Also find out how often they’d like to visit the salon.
  5. Keep them included in the process!
    • Do not keep what you are doing a secret! Discuss the shape you chose to create their style, the color you mixed to create depth and dimension, the shampoo and conditioner you chose to preserve the color, and the products you chose to support the style. By including them in each and every step- they have a greater appreciation for the method behind your madness!

Imagine if every stylist, nail tech, esthetician and massage therapist took this time with each guest to make sure they got the service they wanted and were willing to maintain. The guest would be prepared for the add-on services you recommend, ready to purchase the products you suggest, and eager to re-book their next appointment within the time frame you have agreed upon. The guest would feel like there is a plan in place for their style rather than the old wishy-washy question, “so what were you thinking about doing today?”

The consultation is the precious time you spend communicating with your guest about the experience and outcome they expect. The guest will appreciate the experience and your salon will enjoy the rewards.

Now YOU share! What are your favorite consultation tips?




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