Gift Cards

Featuring Certified Front Desk Trainer, Brittany Wilson

Three Hot Tips to Easily Grow Gift Card Sales

Oftentimes gift cards are forgotten about or pushed aside. In reality, gift cards are part of the 5 profit principles to grow salon companies!

1. Always pre-plan!

I don’t just mean for the next month, I mean for the next twelve months! By doing this you are always prepared and always having something coming up for your gift card sales! Our Front Desk Script Guide includes a 12 month gift card calendar that you are able to put down the themes, promotions and guest contents that you want to do that month that is geared towards gift cards!

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2. Have a gift card display!

We often only have a gift card display on major holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day! In reality we should be having the displays up year-round. Do you know the # 1 reason why people purchase gift cards? BIRTHDAYS! The great thing about this is that they are every month and every day out of the year. When major holidays are not in season, we recommend having a birthday display! Include confetti and birthday platters to make it really fun!

3. Talk about it!

Script your front desk:
“Mary, don’t forget the holidays are coming up and we have our gift cards that never expire! Is there anyone that we can help cross off your list today?”



Front Desk Script Guide

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