FRONT DESK: Sell MORE Gift Cards with Birthday Awareness


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Sell MORE Gift Cards with BIRTHDAY Awareness!

By, Kristi Valenzuela


72% of customers will spend more than the value of their card
Of the 72%, the average person will spend 20% more than their card
90% of gift cards are used within 60 days!


A big opportunity at the Front Desk is to generate revenue through the sale of GIFT CARDS!

But I have a question for you…

Do you have a gift card display? Do you?
Most salon company’s are great about having gift card displays during the holidays – Christmas season, Mothers Day and Valentines Day. But this means that we are missing out on the #2 RANKED HOLIDAY FOR SPENDING… BIRTHDAYS!

The other great thing about birthdays? They happen to EVERYONE and they occur ALL YEAR LONG!


Awareness Displays


HQ salon has a birthday awareness display on their front desk! They placed a cake plate with tissue, streamers and party hats and they placed a sign that says, “Gift Cards Available.” Note that there is NOT A PROMOTION! That’s okay! You don’t always have to have a promotion, but you DO need to always generate awareness to what you have to offer.

Another great idea is to go to your retail shelves and make a little bit of space.
Purchase some small gift bags, or better yet, use your own salons gift bags and add tissue paper in exciting colors. Then put in a sign that says, “Gift Cards Available.” Imagine placing these bags in FIVE different areas along your retail shelves.

Do you think people would get the point?

Impulse Displays

I want you to think about your day to day shopping that you do.
For example, think about Starbucks.
Where is Starbucks gift card display? It’s  RIGHT BY THE CASH REGISTER. When? ALL YEAR LONG!

All we need to do is mimic that!

The Headshoppe in Novascotia, CA sent in this idea which is to create different colorful envelopes. They have a simple acrylic display with their gift card in the top middle row and then they have surrounded it with all of these different envelopes which can be selected depending on the occasion!

This is very similar to retail stores and very similar to Starbucks.

By being more strategic about how we display gift cards, we can greatly increase sales!


What do you think? What is one thing that you could work on to sell more gift cards?


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