Gift Card MYTHS – Create a plan to sell out!


Featuring, Marketing Manager, Ren Lopa

Have you ever ran a really successful gift card promotion… but it happened by accident? Or do your gift card promotions only go really well on Mother’s Day or Christmas? What if you could have this kind of success every month of the year?


One of the first steps to creating exciting promotions that sell out – is to overcome the biggest myths of gift cards. These mindsets hold us and our team back from making confident offers to salon guests.




MYTH #1 Why would we create promotions for Gift Cards – when the only customers who seem to purchase them are our existing guests?

  • Think about is as increasing guest loyalty! It is a guarantee that your guest will be returning for their beauty services.

MYTH #2 New salon guests who come in using a Gift Card – don’t come back!

  • If we treat every guest with a plan. Whether it’s making a multi-visit plan for their hair, skin care or body with massage work. When we take that time and attention to create a conversation with a multi-visit plan that is focused on rebooking!


MYTH #3 Studies show that 97% of gift cards are redeemed – so why should I even offer them? 

  • The belief behind this myth is that the Gift Card is only profitable when it isn’t redeemed and can therefore is “free money” that can be added right to the bottom line. Let’s step into wealth mentality and recognize each time someone comes in with the Gift Card we get the chance to meet them, offer them an unforgettable guest experience and have them rebook for their multi-visit plan.
  • Also remember that we still have the chance to offer add-on services and go above and beyond the Gift Card amount.


Now that you understand the MYTHS it’s time to make a PLAN…

Gift Card Strategies That Work is an online class with Kristi Valenzuela that will empower you and your Front Desk Team to plan promotions and make compelling offers to your salon guests!

This virtual series also includes:

  • 12 Month Gift Card Sales Plan and Promotional Calendar
  • 5 Proven Sales Scripts
  • Visual Inspiration –  For your in-salon displays, website and social media.



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