Are you Getting the MOST out of your Retail Sales?


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Featuring Certified Front Desk Trainer, LaShawnda Hall

If your salon company is struggling with your Retail to Sales percentage (RTS), then it is time to take a step back and look at your business from the guest’s perspective. The front desk is one of the most frequently forgotten and neglected touch points with your customers. By putting into place an effective check in and check out strategy, you will be able to maximize profits by boosting your retail sales. Lashawnda Hall is a Certified Front Desk Trainer with the Front Desk Division at Summit Salon Business Center. Her passion is helping to teach salons how to turn their front desk into the profit center of the salon company. Read on for her tips, tricks and insights into how to get the most out of your retail sales.


“When you sell products to salon guests, you are ensuring revenue for the salon company.” Lashawnda explains, “Not only are they more likely to return to your salon company, but it also builds a level of trust between service provider and client, ensuring they will be able to recreate their look at home and talk to all of their friends and family about you.”

To maximize profits, Lashawnda recommends performing with an RTS of 20%. If this is not where you are, here are some of the scenarios that might be getting in your way.


  • Synergy between front desk and service providers
    • Work tickets are a communication tool that should include knowledge of what the service provider used. If this is not being filled out correctly, the front desk expert will not know which products to follow up on with the client.
    • Service providers often bring guests up and make the statement “she’s good on product”, this shuts down the efforts of the proper 4 step checkout, where products are reintroduced and offered in a new way by the front desk.
  • Product Knowledge
    • Front desk team and service providers are not well educated on what they are choosing for their guests
  • Training
    • Front desk team that does not understand customer service
    • Lack of incentives to sell retail


“The 4 step checkout is fundamental in setting standards with your front desk team.” Lashawnda explains, “Assuming that the service providers have properly educated their clients on what products will work best for them, and have properly filled out their tickets to communicate with the front desk, then during check out the front desk will know exactly how to close the sale and ensure results.”

Summit Salon Business Center’s Front Desk Division can improve a salon’s RTS by creating true synergy between the salon, the service provider and the salon guest. We teach the front desk the “why” behind selling retail and how it creates client longevity. Another key part of motivating your front desk team is by having a type of performance based compensation, where the front desk representative is able to earn promotions through helping the salon and service providers meet sales goals.


“I wanted to be a trainer the moment I joined the industry 9 years ago. I saw a great need in creating team synergy amongst me and my salon team. I knew if we could all learn to work together our salon company could achieve even greater results. Being a trainer has brought more organization to our five locations. These front desk systems have built a large amount of trust between me and the entire staff.”


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