Finding Quality Team Members for your Front Desk

Featuring Summit Salon Consultant, Rose Coitrone

There are two main elements to attracting qualified team members for your front desk team – and that is how we describe it and where we advertise it.

HOW we explain the position.

One of the first things that we want to make sure of when we are writing an AD for a front desk position is that we are writing an AD for the actual position. A lot of times we accidentally advertise this as a “receptionist” position! As we know, and as we teach at The Summit – the front desk is NOT a receptionist position! Therefore it’s really important to use the write verbiage to describe what we’re looking for.

+ Sales

So when we advertise this position we want to make sure that we talk about it as equal parts customer care and sales. The word SALES is very important because this is a big part of the position – and the last thing we want to do is hire someone who is uncomfortable with sales.

+ Performance Based

Saying that the position is “Performance Based” is going to give people a whole new perception of what this position is going to be. This verbiage lets them know that they have the opportunity to earn as much money as they want to if they’re willing to put in the effort and do a good job! This means that they will want to hit the goals and rewards that we have set up for the front desk.

You will be more likely to attract career driven and ambitious applicants by describing the position this way.

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+ Career Minded

Explaining that this position is for people who are “Career Minded” will give people an idea that there is opportunity to grow in our company and the chance to potentially grow into a larger position with more responsibility.

WHERE we advertise the position.

Now you have written a wonderful and accurate AD – but you’re wondering where do I actually post this? I’ve tried Craig’s List and Indeed and I’m just not 100% satisfied with those options.

+ Local Cosmetology Schools

Finding Cosmetologists that are in school is a great opportunity for you because they can become your next Associate as well! When they start at the front desk they will already understand the culture and intelligent verbiage and will be able to grow even quicker in your company.

+ Social Media

You can also boost a post on social media. By boosting a post you will be able to cast a wider net and potentially reach people who might not yet be considering a career change – but by showing them a pop up of an AD of a great opportunity with your company might be just what they’re looking for.

+ In Person

You never know when you might have great customer care and excellent sales experiences out in the real world. So, when you have those – why not give them a card? Let them know that you’re always looking for great people and that you’re always interviewing for different positions!


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