Enhance Salon Culture in 2019

Enhance your Salon Culture in 2019

There are a lot of challenging days in any salon company. The salon culture within that company can make those challenging days more chaotic or more calm. Yet many owners struggle to find the pulse of the culture within their company and can tend to place the responsibility of cultivating and maintaining a healthy, strong culture –  on the service providers.


We’re here to let you in on a little secret…

As an owner YOU are 100% responsible for the culture of your business.
100% – not 99%!
YOU are 100% responsible for the culture!


Our experience has proven, time and time again, that strong salon culture is built on establishing and holding tight to a strong value system.


Values speak to your moral compass. No matter what endeavor you’re taking on in life – you need an anchor and foundation to help you make it through the journey. Value statements also help you verbalize and set up your expectations about what’s acceptable and what’s not and how you’re all going to get along with each other.

Here is an example of the Value System and corresponding Value Statements
that Peter Mahoney uses within his salon companies.
They center on the word, P.R.I.D.E.

  • P.

    • Passion = Loving what you do
    • If we see someone in the company who isn’t loving what they’re doing. Then someone is going to have the conversation and check in on them. “You don’t seem like yourself lately, what’s going on?”
  • R.

    • Respect = Being an awesome teammate
    • When someone isn’t being a good teammate to someone, then someone will have a conversation to check in on them.
  • I.

    • Integrity = Doing the right thing
  • D.

    • Dedication = Always growing and learning
    • If you’re going to work in our company, you have to have a growth plan. If you haven’t been to a class in three years – then you are compromising our entire organization by not aligning with our vision.
  • E.

    • Enthusiasm = Giving the “wow” to others
    • Whether you’re a stylist or accountant, you should go above and beyond for your customers. If I’m building a spreadsheet for you in the accounting department, then I’m going to build it even better than you expect.

This Value System developed an amazing culture because what is expected and what is acceptable is defined. It sets the tone for how everyone is going to play together in the sandbox. It also helps people to decide how to make decisions. How do we as leaders make decisions. How do our people make decisions. It’s one of the boundaries that we need to work within – the value system of the company.

You can get started by getting clear on:

  • Who you are
  • Why you do things
  • Why it’s important to the team

Then make sure everyone knows these and lives these within your company. Moving forward, evaluate progress as defined by these values and hold yourself and your team accountable for displaying these behaviors each day.

If you’d like to learn more about how to develop a vision statement for your company – check out Peter Mahoney, Glenn Baker and Michael Cole in Magic of Momentum.

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