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Front Desk Opportunities

Did you know that your front desk team has the power to add on THOUSANDS of dollars in service and retail sales in a month?

One of the top selling products here at Summit Salon Business Center is our Planners. This is because it is proven that when a service provider sits down and looks at their schedule and plans ahead the additional services, rebooking and retail offers they want to make – that they are MORE likely to follow through and therefore reach those goals.

The same is true for the Front Desk Team and is equally as vital. Your Front Desk Team are the first and last impression of your salon company and often times can make or break the guest experience.

Maria Isaac is a Certified Front Desk Trainer and is passionate about empowering Front Desk Teams to become GUEST EXPERTS and a PROFIT CENTER! We do this through our Front Desk Workshops, Products and Consulting Services.

Maria recommends utilizing the Front Desk Script Guide to empower your Front Desk Team to start planning for their day.

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Tips for Front Desk Planning:

Front Desk Script Guide

Front Desk Script Guide will empower your team with scripts to make the most of each opportunity with your salon guests!

1. Look at the schedule at the beginning of the day.

2. Look for additional service opportunities with guests.

Does the stylist have an opening following that guest that would be able to accommodate a color or blow dry add on service? If not, does the spa have openings where you can recommend a manicure while they’re there for their scheduled service?

These types of suggestions make the guest feel special and cared for.

3. Look for retail opportunities with guests.

What have they purchased before and long ago was it? A simple script could be, “I would hate for you to run out of shampoo and conditioner in between your services, I see the last time you purchased Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner was in May! Would you like to take these home today?”

4. Write them down.

Using the Front Desk Script Guide, write down each offer you plan on making that day. We recommend highlighting the offers that guests took you up on! As Maria shares in her example, 4 out of 5 guests took advantage of these recommendations.


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