Display Table Tips for the Holidays

Featuring Certified Front Desk Trainer, Tiffany Devereaux.

Believe it or not, the holidays are almost here!

That’s why we’d like to share our top three tips to get the most out of your holiday displays and promotions!

1. Display Tables

It is really important to create display tables that feature your holiday specials and promotions. The more simple and centrally located – the better. These displays can make it really easy for your team to walk up at checkout and grab the best solution for their guest!

2. Customized Bundles

Pair your TOP SELLING products together in customized bundles to place on your retail shelves or display tables. These bundles offer your guest a great visual and the perfect “grab and go” holiday gift.

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3. Eye Catching Designs

Using eye catching design elements can help to draw attention to your promotion! These designs can range from eye-catching chandeliers to beautiful flyers. Don’t forget your high traffic areas! If you have a hallway that everyone walks through to get through your salon company, take advantage of that space by placing a flyer or small display shelf there to increase awareness!

Your SSC has access to many resources and images for you to use to support your holiday promotions. You can also reach out to your Summit Salon Consultant to brainstorm ideas and promotions that have worked well across the industry.

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