Mentoring: Are you a Difference Maker?


Are you a true difference maker?

As a salon owner, you assume endless roles. From inventory, to human resources to plumber (we’ve been there). One of the most important roles that you take on – is that of a mentor to your team. Loyalty and salon culture is built on trust and on the understanding that your place in a company is important, valued and that there is a future for you. When we believe that someone is helping us better our best – we naturally want to stay with them and feel happier. Mentoring is all about quality of life and supporting your team in achieving the quality of life that they dream for themselves.

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Mentoring can be very tough. Human beings are complex and pre-conditioned with thought patterns, behaviors and beliefs that can be helpful or harmful. As a mentor, you commit to putting your ego aside and really diving deep with someone who may not even fully understand their resistance, stubbornness or self sabotaging behaviors. It’s accepting that they may not like you – and that’s okay – because the truth and discovery is what will help them grow.

A big part of acting as a mentor is asking questions which provoke self reflection and self understanding.

Here are two of our favorites:

Explain to me what it is that is blocking your growth?

Who taught you resistance?

It’s about asking the questions with pure intent and being willing to go there, saying, “What on earth has happened in your past that is blocking you from accepting this information?” It is highly likely that they have never taken a moment to think about it. This is how you truly begin to break down the barriers to using intelligent verbiage, making offerings, using social media to find new guests. And while it won’t work for everyone, for some it can be life altering.

Keep in mind that mentors need fuel too and you can only mentor others as much as you have grown yourself. Our Summit Salon Consultants are passionate about mentoring salon owners and supporting them in becoming difference makers in their salon companies.

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