Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Pillars of Profit! Learn the best practices to owning a salon company that will keep you successful no matter what is happening with the economy!

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Salon owners resort to desperate measures in a challenging economy. In an attempt to maintain their footing some choose to abandon their leadership responsibilities and hide behind the chair- devoting attention to salon guests while leaving their staff without guidance. Some choose to be lured away from long term relationships with distributors and manufacturers by short term discounts. And some choose to steal staff from competitor salons.

While one could make the argument that these actions should be avoided based on the potential for bad karma alone, they are also bad business. At this time in our industry, you need every resource at your disposal to survive, let alone thrive. The salons who are successful regardless of the economy will be those who have taken time to establish and nurture relationships with their staff, fellow salon owners and their distributor and manufacturer partners.

Here are a few questions to think about, answer, and revisit.

Staff Relationships

What is your current relationship with your staff? Are your day to day dealings with them based on mutual trust and respect? Do you set a strong example for your staff to follow? Have you truly committed to “growing people for a living” or do you view your employees as a means to some financial end? What will you do in the coming year to establish, maintain and improve these relationships?

Salon Relationships

How are you viewed in your local salon community? Do others look up to you as an example of success, stability and integrity? Do others seek your advice, counsel and support? How could these relationships help you improve your own salon, the salons of others and the public perception of our industry in your area? What will you do in the coming year to establish, maintain and improve these relationships?

Vendor Relationships

Do you have a relationship of trust, respect and mutual benefit with your distributors and manufacturers? Do you have a history of working together or have you abandoned loyalties frequently in the name of short term gain? What will you do in the coming year to establish, maintain and improve these relationships?

Over the years, you’ve no doubt spent thousands of dollars in education to master your craft. In 2017, it is imperative that you invest time, energy and attention to establish, maintain and improve these critical relationships. The good karma – and good business – will follow!


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