Customer Service Over the Phone

Are You Making a Good Impression?

Featuring Certified Front Desk Trainer, Ashley Curi

Ashley Curi

With increasing access to online education, competition is fiercer than ever in the professional beauty industry. Delivering excellent customer service right at the first point of contact with your clients- the phone- is a great way for your salon company to stay ahead of the competition. Certified Front Desk Trainer Ashley Curi teaches front desk guest experts and salon owners how to get the most out of that first phone conversation with guests.

“The telephone plays a major role in the first impression of the salon for a new guest,” Ashley explains, “Every aspect, from beginning the phone conversation with a unique greeting, using meaningful verbiage, and knowledge of salon services and products, to ending with a sales seed offer for that special sale available ‘only while supplies last‘ or ‘just today.’ Verbiage is a very critical part of talking with guests over the phone. The team at the front desk needs to sound confident and intelligent to reassure each guest that they are seeing the best stylist for their needs during their visit to the salon!”

Ashley’s Top 10 Tips for Taking your Customer Service to the Next Level

1. Have a proper and unique greeting.

  • “It’s all about you at XYZ salon, my name is… how may I help you?”
  • “Fall into a new you here at XYZ salon, my name is… how may I help you?”
  • “Spring into a new you here at XYZ salon, my name is… how may I help you?”
  • “It’s a great day at XYZ salon, my name is… how may I help you?”

2. Always mention your name for reference.

3. Speak clearly.

4. Politely ask how you may help them.

5. Book appointments efficiently.

  • Booking appointments efficiently requires effective multi-tasking and the ability to navigate the computer program quickly. The Front End Coordinator can also increase efficiency by looking at stylist schedules ahead of time to predict trouble spots or work to close aps to maximize each stylist’ schedule for the day.

6. Always offer an additional service to compliment the service being booked.


7. Repeat the time, date and stylist with whom they are booked so the guest is able to confirm their appointment later.


8. Always include a sales seed.

  • Example: “Just so you know, we have a sale on Pureology liters for the fall!”

9. Practice multi-tasking.

  • Front desk experts should be able to seamlessly talk on the phone while using the computer.
10.Assure guests that we anxiously await their visit.


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