Take Control of YOUR Online Reputation!

Filomena Bettencourt is the WINNER of the Summit Salon Minute Survey that we did in June!

Filomena is the owner of B Parlor in San Francisco, California. She currently has one location that is 1800 sq feet and has 10 service providers. She has been a subscriber of the Summit Salon Minute since August of 2016 and wants to share with you the article that impacted her the most as well as HER tips for Managing Your Reputation with Guest Surveys!

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Take Control of Your Online Reputation!

by, Filomena Bettencourt

The tip that helped me was the “Online Reviews and Managing Your Reputation” segment. The article helped by reminding me of the value of reviews.

Responding & Surveying

This year, I began responding to our Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews. Regardless, if the comment is less than stellar, I believe the dialogue that I have with the client after the initial review is just as important.

In addition, to help gauge the client experience, I created a survey for our first-time clients. This survey is sent automatically 1 day after their visit.  It asks 7 questions.  In appreciation of the client’s feedback, he/she receives a $5 credit towards a product purchase on their next visit.

The results of the survey have been fantastic.  I share them with the stylist in their one-on-one. They love hearing praise but it’s also a great coaching tool. Also, we actually recouped a client that commented by saying he wouldn’t return.  His comment got me thinking; I talked to the staff and we created a service based on his feedback. The client was appreciative and impressed that I took the time to respond to the feedback AND made a change based on it. I’ve been able to make more changes from the comments. It feels good to create a better experience for our clients.

Next, I would like to create a survey for the client’s that we’ve lost.  When coaching the stylists on retention, we never know exactly the reason why he/she hasn’t returned to the Salon. Instead of a personal phone call that a client may not feel comfortable with, I believe an email survey will be easier for the client to respond to. I look forward to seeing the results!

It’s inevitable that people are going to review your company.

Stay connected, create value and grow by listening to your client’s feedback.


What do you think? How do you gauge your client experience? What could you do better in the future? I want to know!


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