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By, Kristi Valenzuela

Leaders have these qualities:


The actions which facilitate this in a salon company are team meetings and one on one’s!

I realized that CHA-CHING is only one letter different than COACHING! If you want to make CHA-CHING in your salon company and at your front desk, then you need to be a good COACH!


Here’s what the dictionary says about inspire:

“To fill someone with the urge or ability to do something creative.”

So creative in this case would be their verbiage. It would be the 4-step phone script. Something way outside of their comfort zone like talking about a tester or helping set up a display.

When you are truly being inspiring you are helping them see things about themselves that they can’t even see yet. But you believe in them so much that you keep lifting them up! Does lifting things up get heavy sometimes? Does lifting things up make you tired? Yes it does! That’s okay! If it feels tiring, you are probably doing it right!

You need to stand for THEIR greatness first! When you stand for THEIR greatness – greatness will be the sum.


“To show or explain to somebody HOW to do something. To cause someone to learn or understand something by example or experience.”

The training program that we’re recommending with the script guide. The training program with the 4 week chart that we gave you. The front desk script guide – are they in action? Are they turning in those worksheets? If you’re using the script guide like we mean for it to be used, they should be going back and writing in that training worksheet and taking a PICTURE and TURNING THAT IN TO YOU! Please make sure you are IN THIS as their teacher!

Lead by example, the leader does it too!

Leaders, I double dog dare you to take a day off of the chair, off of everything you’re doing and plan A DAY to be behind the desk.
Plan a day to answer the phone with the four step phone script, the four step check in, the four step check out. So you’re taking a day and you’re acting as the guest service expert. Because if you EVER step behind the desk and act in a different way without using these systems – you’ve killed it.



“Someone who trains or instructs a team or a player. Someone who gives somebody extra or private teaching. To prompt or urge somebody with instructions.”

What does a coach know? The coach ALWAYS KNOWS the teams stats and each individuals stats!

That is what the last page in the Front Desk Script Guide is facilitating you to do! You know at the end of every month who is good at what and you’re able to coach to those strengths and weaknesses and LIFT THEM UP!



Are you finding ways to improve your leadership?

Just signing paychecks and telling people to do things IS NOT LEADERSHIP!
And it doesn’t get a good following!

If you are wondering how you can be a more powerful leader, then you need to go through the definitions again and ask yourself how you can be better!



What do you think? What is one thing that you could work on to become a better leader?


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