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Building a Leadership Team!

By, Roberta Dotson


Do you feel as a salon owner that you could use more assistance and fresh ideas?

Starting a leadership team is a process that takes time and patience, but it is worth it.

There will be challenges that will result from lack of follow through on the part of the team and the owner.  Training to the leadership qualities and skills will help to overcome these challenges.  The strength of the salon owner will also be mirrored in the team.  If the leader has weak skills, then also will the team.  Responsibilities of each member should be something they can get passionate about such as leading staff meetings or helping with coaching.

It is truly an on ramp to creating stockholders in a salon company.

Here are my TOP THREE TIPS to build a strong leadership team!

1. Be on the Hunt!

The first element of a great leadership team is looking for the  qualities that make a great leader. It is never too early to start looking for these employees that show these leadership skills.

  • They must lead by example such as giving an excellent guest experience.
  • Are they vocationally minded? Passing it on is the foundation of a leadership team/servant leadership.
  • They need to bring solutions to the table with positive energy!
  • Who is most respected by the rest of the staff and will inspire them to succeed?

2. Forming the Team!

The  second element is the actual forming of your leadership team.

The goal of the leadership team:
To pass on their passion and help the rest of the team and salon company grow

There should be 3 -5 on the team with higher level SP and/or front desk support team.

Take resumes for this position or ask anyone interested to write a few paragraphs about why they would want to be on the team is the best procedure in selecting the members.


3. Communication!

The third element is communication within the team.

How will your team communicate during the month, week and day?

  • Meetings at least once a month with an agenda that will train leadership skills using books or our Summit products such as Magic of Momentum or Power to Lead.
  • Leadership Team Facebook Page to communicate during the month and post challenges that they can respond to. I often add to these pages as well.

Open and transparent communication with the salon owner between meetings as well as complete trust in making decisions.



The salons that I have been working with that have leadership teams has been a dramatic shift in their culture, having more eyes on the company, not just their own business. Sara from Salon Nefsia in Columbia, MO will attest that their culture has shown a considerable improvement since they have started their leadership team.



What do you think?
Would you try creating a leadership team in your salon company?

I want to know!



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