Bridge Communication – Close More Sales


Featuring, Summit Salon Consultant and Certified Front Desk Coach Tiffany Devereaux


Retail sales are a huge opportunity for income. For service providers, retail commission can cover monthly payments like your car insurance, phone bill or both – for salon owners, retail sales impact the bottom line and profit margin.

Knowing this potential – would you like to know one of the biggest sources of lost retail sales in your salon company?

It’s lack of communication.

It’s true. The lack of communication between your service providers and front desk experts is getting in the way of excellent customer service and we have a simple solution that can make a major difference!

Which is –  the completion of service tickets.

It is critical that each service provider completes the service ticket for each guest every day! A lot of the time, our Front Desk Guest Experts are left hanging in awkward situations with guests where they want to be able to recommend retail but are unsure what the service provider used.

When the front desk team has the right information – they are able to speak confidently with the client, close the retail sale and rebook the guest.

This creates a triple win – for the Front Desk Guest Experts and Service Providers (who get to hit their goals to level jump and earn more money), the Client (who gets a great customer service experience) and the Salon Owner (who gets to have more satisfied clients, grow the salon company and bring in even more great education with the retail points and rewards).

What information should I write down?

  • Recommended retail
    • Include your top 3 choices for your guest. These are going to be the products that the client is smelling, touching and feeling throughout the service.
  • Next reservation date

How do I find the time?

When your guest is processing or leaving the spa area fill out the ticket and grab the recommended products to take up to the front desk team member.

How to keep track?

A great tool that we have to support you in implementing this best practice is our Team Communication Celebration Chart.

This chart tracks six months of all service providers tickets and the percentage of which ones were completed. This is a great way to have a fun, in-house, healthy competition between all of your service providers to GROW the number of completed service tickets in your salon company.

You can find this amazing tool in Conquering Retailphobia.


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